Breed standards


Breed standards are defined common criteria that describe the ideal characteristics, size, color, temperament, and other features of a specific dog breed. Standards are established by canine organizations, such as the International Canine Federation (FCI), which sets rules and guidelines for various dog breeds, including Rottweilers. Below are some key characteristics from the Rottweiler breed standards:

General Appearance:

The Rottweiler should be strong, muscular, and well-balanced. Its structure should reflect strength and endurance.


Male Rottweilers should have a height between 61 cm and 68 cm at the withers, while females should have a height between 56 cm and 63 cm. Measurements should be proportionate to size and weight.


The Rottweiler should have balanced and spacious movement. Steps should be strong and stable, with good ground coverage.


The character of the Rottweiler should be distinctive, good-natured, and loyal to its family. These dogs should be confident, brave, and capable of work.

Color and Coat:

The coat color of the Rottweiler should be black with symmetrical tan markings on the cheeks, above the eyes, on the chest, legs, and tail. Markings should be as sharply defined as possible.

Head and Muzzle:

The head should be strong with a relatively broad skull. The muzzle should be moderately long and robust.

Ears and Tail:

Ears are medium-sized, triangular, pendant, and set high. The tail should be correctly set, carried on the back or to the side, and should not be shorter than the first joint.


Eyes should be medium-sized, almond-shaped, and dark in color. Expression should be alert and intelligent.

These standards serve as a guide for breeders, judges at dog shows, and enthusiasts of the breed. When breeding Rottweilers, it is essential to adhere to these standards to preserve the character and physical traits of the breed.